BIM basic IDM
A growing number of parties in the construction industry are joining the initiative to use a basic information supply specification. The Dutch BIM Loket (BIM Counter -- a platform of organizations that promote an open BIM strandard) supports this initiative. All relevant documents are therefore made available through its website. The BIM basic ILS is managed in collaboration with buildingSMART Benelux.

A BASIC to build on
If you also want to work in a world where information is interchangeable, structured, unambiguous, correct, complete and reusable: the BIM basic Information Delivery Specification (ILS) is a first step to take. The BIM basic ILS is not a new standard. It provides guidelines on how parties in the construction industry can exchange information in a structured and unambiguous way.

Open BIM
The best practices of recent years have shown that working with open BIM is the only real answer to integrated collaboration in the building chain. For integral cooperation, speaking the same language is essential. We can work more efficiently in the building chain, eliminate wasteful tasks and prevent errors. The efficiency follows from the fact that everyone knows where information can be found and how information must be supplied.

The guidelines of the BIM basic ILS relate to the exchange format, the basic structure to be used and the safeguarding of object information. The simplicity and the limited number of regulations should lead to a broad adoption and support base at every link in the building chain, from the customer to the maintenance engineer.

BIM basic IDM (PDF) BIM Productivity Study (PDF) World Green Building Trends 2018 (Europe) PDF

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